Tricked Into Drinking Piss! – Full

This group of dominatrixes are on the hunt for slaves! Inside their van, they roam around the city looking for unsuspecting men! How they choose their victims is they will offer them a drink and when they accept and drink everything completely, they grab and restrain them inside the van! Little do these men know, what they are drinking are bottles of piss that the dominatrixes have filled up! The sight of a guy unsuspectingly drinking a bottle of urine arouses them to take him and turn him into one of their slaves!When all of the bottles are consumed, the ladies simply refill them by urinating inside them! This goes on and the women enslave one guy after another! They try to resist but when it is two women against one guy, they donÂ’t stand a change! With their necks wrapped with leashes and their hands chained together, all the more they are unable to escape the wrath of the dominatrixes and are left succumbing to their control!

Tricked Into Drinking Piss! - Full

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