ENGLISH SPEAKINGI treat well my personal slaves; since they are my personal slaves, they enjoy some privileges over other slaves. This morning, they had breakfasted with delicious dishes from a famous restaurant. Yes its true, it was me that went to the restaurant the last night, but they still tasted the same food, passed through my body and came out directly from my ass (see video EAT MY SHIT posted a few days ago). Now, its late afternoon and its tea-time. It is a special tea, which only I can make, for true connoisseurs, that comes out of my pussy, hot at the right point, ready to be enjoyed. I prepare it in a jug and divide it equally between the two slaves, I dont want to make preferences. The slim drinks it quickly, while Ciccio tastes it little by little. I take this opportunity to remind them of some of the behaviors they must have when they are on duty in my dungeon. Now theyre done, its time to go back into the cage, as long as I need them.


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Angry Nurse Punishes with Piss! – Full

This nurse is just doing her job when she is disrespected by a relative of a patient! She doesnÂ’t let it pass and makes sure to teach him a lesson! What she does is invite him over to the next room with the promise that she has something important to tell him! However, as soon as they are both inside, she no longer wastes any more time and over powers him! She throws him on the floor, takes off her lower garments, and pees into his mouth with the help of a funnel! This made sure that every drop of her piss goes down his throat, leaving him with no choice but to swallow everything! When she could no longer release any more, it is then that she sits on his face and feeds him with her pussy! While on top, she later reaches for his cock and concentrates her attention on a handjob! With every passing second, she goes faster and more aggressively, leaving the guy moaning from the overflowing pleasure! To make things more interesting, the only time she stops is after she manages to make him cum!

Angry Nurse Punishes with Piss! - Full

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