Sitting on my throne, I order the queer slave (note his panties) to lick my shoes. As he does, I point out the large clear bowl in front of him. It will be filled with my pee. And I have so muchÂ… So much that once its full Ill drown him in my urine and my spit. I push him inside with my foot, I enjoy doing it, this slave who drowns in my piss makes bubbles, and when I pull his head up, he drips with my liquids. I run away again, I still fill the bowl. But some pee ends up on the floor, so I order him to lick and I also use him as a mop with my foot on his head. But now I want him to finish it all, so I make him lie down and help him drink it all. I put the empty bowl on his head, and after stepping on him I pick up my panties and walk awayÂ…


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p – mw – I LIKE TO PISS IN YOUR MOUTH FROM A HEIGHT – FULL – 02 – A – HD 1280×720

HD 1280×720, time 5:37. Weronika has new idea to pee from a height. Her liquids to start flying in different directions. Her toilet slave is not able to swallow all. He is all in her pee. She stands over him in high heels and laughing at him.

p - mw - I LIKE TO PISS IN YOUR MOUTH FROM A HEIGHT - FULL - 02 - A - HD 1280x720

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Pee drinking toiletman store at Yezzclips