Mistress Gaia’s prisoner pee time

I have my prisoner in a compartment in the dungeon. She thinks she is going to be allowed out for some exercise. However, I have other ideas in mind. earlier she said she was thirsty and asked for something to drink. I told her to crawl out into the light and I would wet her taste buds. As she helplessly looks up at me. I tell her I’m going to give her something to drink. She has to open her mouth nice and wide for me. As it’s a hot day, I remove my clothes. I stand over my slut, and have a good piss into her open mouth. What a enjoyable relief for me as I watch her swallow my amber nectar. I’m sure her thirst is well and trully quenched…

Need to pee while doing the shooting

Nikki and her girlfriend Mini are out for a hot shooting when they suddenly realize that they urgently need to pee! They don’t think about the situation for long and just decide that their slave needs to solve this situation! He needs to open his mouth and soon after it is filled with lot of their fresh piss!

Mistress Gaia gives him a delicious present

The slave just finished his last task and so Mistress Gaia decides to give him a delicious present: He is allowed to wash his throat clean again with her amber nectar! To take care that he doesn’t waste anything she puts a funnel right into his mouth and starts to piss right into it. The slave cannot believe how much luck he has – and enjoys every moment, before finally swallowing everything…!

The two cruel girls dominate him!

Princess Nikki and Minnie have the same thought: The slave’s dehydration needs to be taken care of! The two beautiful princesses tell him to lie down on the ground and wait for their new instructions. And these follow soon… right with a stream of golden liquid into his mouth! Both ladies unload all their pee right into him and Minnie takes sure that he also cleans the floor and removes every last drop of pee with his mouth…!

King and Queen pee at him!

He is nothing more than just a stupid servant! And so the king and the queen decide that he has to be of some use. Right now he even cannot do the stupidest tasks… but they are sure that he will be capable of doing this one… He only needs to open his mouth wide – and serve them as their human toilet!

Can he handle so much pee…?

Miss Laura and her three girlfriends came together to give the tiny toilet slave an experience he will never forget…! They start spitting at the loser like he is nothing else than a spittoon! But of course it’s not only their divine saliva he is going to swallow today… so it doesn’t take long until they start to pee right into his mouth! It looks like it’s hard for him to deal with so much pee so they decide to piss right into a funnel… and fill it completely! Now the slave can drink everything, sip by sip!

Olivia Netta needs to use a toilet

Princess Nikki’s good girlfriend Olivia Netta visited her. She is a real hot and sexy lady – and she suddenly needs to pee! Of course Princess Nikki offers her to use her very special toilet: Her human toilet slave! She orders him to lie down on the ground and prepare himself for some fresh champagne right out of her wet pussy. But before Olivia starts to give him her golden nectar she presses her ass at his nose, forcing him to smell her sweaty ass odor – and then starts to piss right into him!

Take care of your meal or feel the pain!

She is back again – Mistress Gaia! And she still hates whining slaves! This time he tells her that he is soo hungry and thirsty… but when she gives him a freshly prepared meal – with her piss and shit in a bowl – he doesn’t eat and drink it all… such a stupid slave pig! He doesn’t know what he wants! Moments ago he told her that he wants something to eat and drink… and now… So she has no other choice than to punish him for his stupid behavior! She grabs a strap-on and starts fucking his tiny asshole! He can decide on his own: Empty the bowl – or get fucked and whipped even harder…! What do you think how he ended up in this situation…? Find it out on your own – right NOW!

Slave has to serve as Elena’s toilet

The slave can be really lucky because he is allowed to take care of Elena’s desires. She first starts sitting with her wet pussy right at his face and makes him smell her very special odors. In addition he is also allowed to lick her dirty feet clean again and lick her high heels. But then the cruel mistress realizes that she has a big pressure inside her body… and she wants to unload it all in his mouth! So the toilet slave has no other choice than to drink all of her golden nectar… and her brown sweets!

Backstage break – They need to pee!

Princess Nikki and her girlfriend Mini performing their great shooting action backstage when they realize that they need to pee. They don’t like to go to the regular toilet because this is very boring. But it is not a big deal because they have their stupid slave together with them – and so he can be used to be their piss drinking slave toilet!