Nichole Rae – Step Daughter Spring Break – Dad Water

Step Dad Water-Nicole is wearing a pink bikini and Cory is wearing a purple bikini, as they walk over to where Luke is sitting in the living room. They each are holding an empty glass in their hands, and Cory suggests that Luke pee in their glasses for them to drink. But yet… because Luke wants to fuck first! Nicole and Cory get down on their knees in front of Luke, and they start to give him a double blowjob. Cory and Nicole stand up and together they pull their bikini bottom’s down to the ground, exposing their ass holes to Luke. They pull their tits out from under their bikini tops, and then Nicole lies down on the couch to get fucked first. Luke fucks Nicole’s pussy while Cory rubs Nicole’s clit at the same time. He fucks Nicole’s ass next, and then he goes back and forth between her pussy and her ass. Then Nicole and Cory switch places, and Luke starts to fuck Cory’s pussy and ass back and forth. Nicole moves into the doggystyle position next to the couch, and Luke fucks her ass from behind. Cory and Nicole both put their heads on the floor next, with their asses and pussy’s up in the air. Luke goes back and forth between fuckign all four of their holes. When he is done using their holes, he asks them if they’re thirsty. They are, so they grab their glasses and they get down on their knees in front of Luke. He pees into both of their cups, and they each sip on the glass until it’s gone.

Nichole Rae - Step Daughter Spring Break - Dad Water

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