Here I am awake. Good sleep last night, all over and over, while my doormat slave slept on the cold floor at my feet, waiting for my awakening. My little foot must find his body like a step. I have accustomed him to this. I get out of bed and stretch, he looks at me in ecstasy. He adores me and it shows. He would like to lick my warm feet just outside the covers. But without my orders he knows he cant. He waits on his knees in front of me.He picks up the glass and pisses into it. It is the hot, smelly urine of the night. The thick one of early morning. The goblet is large, I hear the sound of the liquid going down . A froth on the surface makes it more exciting. He watches and already his cock rises. He knows what I am going to order him to do. The glass is there, waiting for him. A glass filled with my divine piss. I hand it to him and he, trembling, takes it in his hand as if it were a sacred object. He sucks greedily through the straw. He pauses to breathe and resumes drinking. He finishes it. He licks his lips as if it were nectar. I laugh at him, smack him, and enjoy seeing how I have reduced him.


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