Nicole Rae Step Daughter – Drinking Lemonaide With Stepm MomeGIF

Drinking Lemonade-‘Are you ready for some lemonade?!’ I ask my step-daughter and my wife. They are both standing in the shower and they’re completely naked. Cory and Nicole get down on their knees in front of me. I pee in my wife’s mouth first. Then I pee into a****** glass and they each take a sip, as if they’re drinking an adult beverage. Cory places the****** glass under her pussy and she tries to pee in it, but she is getting pee shy in front of her family! A little trickle of pee squirts down into the glass. ‘First time! How did it go?!’ I ask my step-daughter. ‘It was fine! I would do it again,’ she tells me. I do have a little more pee left inside of me, so I pee into the****** glass again. Then I have Nicole drink some more fresh pee. Cory gets down on her knees once more and I pee into my wife’s mouth again, because my wife is used to this by now! Then I ask my step-daughter to suck my cock, and then I fuck Cory’s pussy for a minute. Cory still has my pee all over her face as she turns to Nicole and says, ‘Now you’re an official house slut!’

Nicole Rae Step Daughter - Drinking Lemonaide With Stepm MomeGIF

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