Cory Chase – Step Mom Drinks My Pee and Her Own (720p)

Cory is standing outside of her home, and she is completely naked! She is locked outside and she canÂ’t find the key to the door. Her step-son, Luke, really has to pee, so Cory offers up her mouth as a toilet. She gets down on her knees in front of him and she opens her mouth wide. He pulls his cock out and he pees into her mouth. She gargles it in her mouth and then she swallows it. He still has some more pee inside of him, so he pees again into her mouth. Cory finds an empty****** glass, so she puts the glass up to LukeÂ’s cock and he pees into the glass. Then, Cory drinks from the glass as if it was a lemonade beverage! He pees into the glass a few more times, and Cory gargles the pee and gulps it down every time. Now it is CoryÂ’s turn to pee into the glass, and thatÂ’s exactly what she does. Then she drinks her own pee, which she says tastes awfully similar to her step-sonÂ’sÂ…

Cory Chase - Step Mom Drinks My Pee and Her Own (720p)

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