London River and Cory Chase – Secret Piss Sluts (720HD)

London tells Cory that she has something to tell her, but she is afraid of her reaction. Cory tells her that she will try and not laugh. ‘Okay, so, I love it when a man pees on me and pees in my mouth!’ London tells Cory. Cory is trying not to judge her, which is pretty easy, because Cory admits that she is into that sort of thing too! London is wearing a lime green top and Cory is wearing a light pink top, as they walk into the shower and strip out of their clothing. Once they are naked in the shower, they call Cory’s step-son into the room. He walks in and London gets down on her knees and opens her mouth wide, so he can pee into her mouth. He moves over to Cory’s mouth and he pees into her mouth before he switches back over to London. Cory grabs a glass and she has Luke pee into the glass, before she sips on the cup as if it were a beverage. He moves back over to London and he pees in her mouth once more; She swallows it all. He pees in Cory’s mouth and she gargles it before she swallows. When he is done peeing, they tell him that he can go back to his video games now and he better not tell his step-dad what just went down!

London River and Cory Chase - Secret Piss Sluts (720HD)

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