Appetizer & Beverage! – Full

It has been a tiring week for this man and he needs some relaxation, what he does is visit a special massage parlour! In front of the receptionist, he orders the unlisted option and she immediately lifts up her skirt, gets on the table, and pees inside a kettle! Once full, the pours the guy a cup and he drinks every last drop of it! After which, she pees again, this time, into a wooden container! She then lays the man on the ground where she takes off his lower garments to expose his dick! By then, she pours the contents of the earlier wooden box into his cock and gives it a sensual massage! Though, it didnÂ’t take long before she begins using more than that! She grabs a bottle of oil, pulls her tits out, and starts giving the man a boobjob! She takes her time until the guy is completely satisfied! By then, he has her get on top of a table where he proceeds to devour her pussy! With every passing second, he gets more aggressive as his urges worsens, leaving the lady moaning at the top of her lungs from the overflowing pleasure, only given a break when he has enough of it!

Appetizer & Beverage! - Full

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