House Slave To Goddess Cici – Personal Pee Slave

Real life Financial Goddess Cici, although young and petite is already experienced in the pastime of degrading and humilating men. Not only that she quite enjoys it too. Slave Juneau (having paid for the priviledge of course) is accompanying her as her live in House Slave for an evening at home. Always on hand to attend to her needs while she relaxes, drinks prosecco and watches TV.This time the unfortunate slave is on hand and waiting to be the personal recipient, willing or not of Goddess golden Pee. With the toilet broken (apparently) Goddess Cici has decided she wants to truly TEST her slave by seeing if he has what it takes to be her very own PERSONAL URINAL.The slaves task is as follows.. he must take EVERY drop of Goddess Piss either collected 1st or straight from the source and finish it all off without any complaints. And Cici being creative has come up with a couple of ways in which to do this by way of a very PISSY protein shake and her own makeshift Goddess Toilet.3 Pees later and the slave has been well and truly hydrated. Another night of humilation at the feet of a beautiful Goddess.Real life amateur Femdom and Toilet Slavery

House Slave To Goddess Cici - Personal Pee Slave

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