Thirsty Wife Drinks Spit, Pee, Cum! – Full

When this woman came to her husband asking for water to quench her thirst, she is given something else instead! He serves his fingers inside her mouth and goes as deep as he can, causing her to repeatedly gag and soak her lips with spit! After a while, the man stops, but he isnÂ’t donÂ’t with her just yet! What he does next is have her open her mouth wide, making it easy for him to spit down her throat! As she gets her mouth filled with saliva, she swallows and the guy repeats the entire process until he has had enough! For the next part, she has handed with a plastic cup and made to urinate inside it! She manages to fill it which she is then ordered to drink everything up to the last drop! When she is finished, it is time for the guy to have his finale! He serves his dick inside her mouth for her to perform a blowjob! The closer he gets to orgasm, the harder he thrusts his cock down her throat! Eventually, he cums on her tongue which she is then made to swallow!

Thirsty Wife Drinks Spit, Pee, Cum! - Full

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