Lola – I Have to Use you Like a Toilet

Lola has an important date coming up and sheÂ’s been drinking a ton of sassy water so that she can fit into her tight bandage dress. She didnÂ’t really consider the long shift she was about to start at work. Within a few minutes of the shift starting, Lola can feel an intense pressure starting to build in her bladder. Andy is a special cow. HeÂ’s not allowed to be left unattended, not even for a minute. Realizing that sheÂ’s not going to make it through the whole shift without peeing, Lola starts to call all her work friends to see if she can get coverage. One by one her teaser colleagues refuse to come in and cover for her. Lola starts to realize that she is in a desperate situation. She knows that cow andy isnÂ’t a toilet, but she might have to use him as a toilet. ItÂ’s the only solution she can think of that doesnÂ’t involve leaving andy alone or making a big mess. Lola tries to go about her workday, tidying up the laboratory and keeping cum cow andy sexually aroused. But she really canÂ’t focus on anything but the stressful urge to relieve herself. She lashes out at poor andy in her discomfort. Lola tries to rationalize with andy that being a human toilet isnÂ’t so bad. Andy has never been used as a girlÂ’s toilet before, but Lola reveals that in fact all cum cows eventually become toilets. So really, andyÂ’s becoming a toilet is inevitable. Finally, she just canÂ’t hold it any longer. Lola brings over some cinder blocks so that she can straddle andyÂ’s face comfortably and prepares his mouth for use. She refuses to override the milking machine, stopping the edging would be inefficient. So, andy is going to have to try to remain sexually aroused while drinking pee, if he wants to avoid an automated punishment shock. Lola insets a funnel into andy and starts to go. She moans with pleasure as her full bladder empties into him. Realizing that cow andy can maintain its erection while drinking pee is a revelation! Now, andy can be expected to multitask and function both for pre-cum collection and as a toilet for the girls! No more frivolous workplace bathroom breaks! (11:59 long)

Lola - I Have to Use you Like a Toilet

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