Lola – Practices Standing to Pee with Human Toilet

Lola has brought andy, her human toilet, to a convention with her. This clip chronicles a day in andyÂ’s life while at the convention. Lola has decided that she wants to practice standing to pee. SheÂ’s a girl, so standing to pee is a little tricky. Andy has to wear a gag that makes his face into a urinal. Lola wants andy to be a human urinal for not just her, but for all her girlfriends. First, Lola tries standing to pee with a funnel. The funnel works ok, but itÂ’s a little awkward. Lola tilts andyÂ’s head back and ****** him to drink all the pee that has collected in his gag. SheÂ’ll try again in a few hours with a different technique. Lola goes out to dinner while andy stands his post in the bathroom. She comes back to the hotel and practices standing to pee again. This time, instead of using the funnel, she straddles the gag. This proves to be a great technique! Lola changes her outfit and goes out to have drinks with some people sheÂ’s met at the convention. She comes back to the hotel room hours later after having a few. SheÂ’s abandoned the idea of standing to pee for the moment and instead uses a toilet chair. She pees a lot and the funnel ensures that every drop goes straight into andy. Lola takes off her dress. ItÂ’s ok for her to be naked in a room with andy because he is kept in strict chastity at all times. Lola lies down and falls asleep. Andy lays on the cold ground in his toilet position. Lola sleeps comfortably. Andy does not. (12:35 long)

Lola - Practices Standing to Pee with Human Toilet

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