Lola and Natalya – Foot Dust and Pee Multi Camera

1080 HD Natalya and I decided to care for our feet one afternoon. We used some little metal devices that are designed to scrape the skin from the bottoms of ladiesÂ’ feet. The devices collect the foot dust into a little compartment. We filled up the compartments with skin shavings. I had some lint from my socks on my feet, which I made the slave lick off and swallow. Natalya had the slave worship her beautiful, unblemished, feet. She loves getting a nice toe soak in a slaveÂ’s mouth. We had to yell at the slave a little until he figured out how to lick her feet the way she wanted it to. We took turns using the slave for some enjoyable foot worship. The slave started to bulge out of its chastity. Stupid was trying to make this about himself. We scolded it for being perverted and self-indulgent. Then, we trimmed our toenails and made a little pile with the clippings. I had to pee, so we moved the slave over to the toilet chair and tied his leash beneath the seat. I filmed Natalya flushing our foot dust down into the human toilet. Then, I washed it down for him with some spit and pee. He flushed all of me down, and the Natalya went. After everything went in, the slave started to gag. We hate when the plumbing backs up, so we yelled at it. The toilet managed to keep it all down. Then I remembered we still had some toenails to flush. We dumped the pile of our toenails right into its mouth. Once our feet were all done, we left the slave lying beneath the toilet chair and went off to do something else. (15:52 long)Clip Contains: Lola, Natalya, Female Domination, Foot Worship, Foot Dust, Nail Clippings, Chastity, Pee, Toilet Slavery

Lola and Natalya - Foot Dust and Pee Multi Camera

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