Lola – Manipulates and Trains Human Toilets (4 clip bundle) (1080 HD)

1080 HD This is a four-clip bundle. All four clips are pee only. This bundle includes the four clips previously unreleased on Yezz, “How to Train your Human Toilet” and “Manipulates a Toilet into Trying Solids.” In “How to Train Your Human Toilet” Lola explains to other Female Dominants some tricks for getting a slave to drink pee for the first time. “Manipulates a Toilet into Trying Solids” is a two-part clip, in which Lola coerces a reluctant new toilet into agreeing to eat her poop. She has a heart to heart about him graduating to taking solids before going to the bar with her friend. When she comes back from the bar, she asks her toilet what it thinks about her proposal to get it started on solids. The reluctant novice toilet agrees to start eating her poop because it does not want to be outshone by the better, more committed, toilet slaves. This clip contains a bonus pee clip! (11:22 long)Clip Contains: Lola, Pee, Toilet Slavery, Human Toilet, Slave Training

Lola - Manipulates and Trains Human Toilets (4 clip bundle) (1080 HD)

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