Lady Scarlet – Drown in the pee!

The slave is already in position waiting for his fate… He is lying in a relaxed position but does not know what we have in store for him. Indeed, its position as in the beach irritates and unnerves us. He will be our toilet but in an even more humiliating way! We approach and provoke him by showing him our panties so small and sexy. He drools eager to serve us. Our perfume ******icates him… We take them off. I position myself on top of him and my friend Gaia approaches a large and transparent bowl. I start pissing on his face, flood him and he drinks as much as possible. It is so much that he cant keep it all in his mouth. Meanwhile Gaia fills the bowl. When Im done using him, we put him on all fours and place the bowl full of piss under his muzzle. With our feet we crush the muzzle inside! We want to hear him drowning in our piss so he learns not to drink all my nectar. You hear him blowing bubbles… We go away leaving him with his muzzle dipped in gold…

Lady Scarlet - Drown in the pee!

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