Nellys Pee Experience – (Full HD 1080p Version)

Nelly recently told me about one of her most cruel fantasy that she really wanted to realize with me, so I just had no choice to let her explain me about that fantasy! She really likes to please me with her sweaty socks all the time, but this time, she wanted to do something different. She is actually wearing some cute transparent boots, and some lovely yellow socks inside that she has worn for a few days in a row before doing this video. She invites me to the bathroom to actually show me what she wants to do with her socks! She takes her boots off and show the sweaty bottom of her socks to the camera, before she is getting ready to execute her cruel plan! She takes her pants down, for the first time, and it seems like she is now ready to pee inside her boots! My heart beat was really fast. She starts peeing inside her boots, but there was so much pee, that there is now some yellow liquid all over the floor! Nelly looks at me with a smile, and starts cleaning the floor with her socks. Her yellow socks are now all wet of pee, and her boots are actually full of pee too! She shows her wet socks to the camera, before she is putting back her boots on. The boots are actually transparent, so you can easily see all that yellow liquid inside her boots with her socks into it! She puts them on and off a few times, and make some fun with all that liquid all over the floor! It seems like she loves to feel that warm urine on her socks and her feet. But Nelly is actually getting ready to execute the second part of her cruel plan, and it seems like I had no choice to obey to her plan.

Nellys Pee Experience - (Full HD 1080p Version)

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