Public cuckold toilet – Princess Tsunami

One of Bulls friends has a problem. The outdoor toilet at their night club is out of order. Not for worry, weÂ’ve got one we can rent to you:) Bull and I take cuckold to the club wearing a toilet seat around his neck. We put him in in position outside and inform him of his new duties. HE IS THE NEW PUBLIC TOILET! I tell him that his filthy pathetic body is going to be used as the toilet by men, women, and anyone/thing else than requires a toilet. His body is going to be used in full! HeÂ’s going to be shat on, spat on, pissed on, and so on. His body is there for whatever people need! I Needed a piss straight away, so I put him to test, pushed him forward, and pulled my sexy little shorts down. Bull commented that I used to take my knickers down for cucky, but now I only take them down for Bull! I wanted to humiliate my cuckold husband to the extreme, so I stood right over his head and pissed directly over his face and mouth! Bull told me to shake all of my drips into his daft cuckold mouth! Bull told me that I had mud on the bottom of my boots, so I decided to rub all of the mud onto my slaves mouth, and then Bull joined me in rubbing his boots across his mouth too! I sat on cuckolds belly and spat into his mouth as he lay there below soaked in my piss while we ridiculed him!

Public cuckold toilet - Princess Tsunami

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