Lady Scarlet – Transvestite wc (MOBILE)

ONLY PISSING SCENE – Today I want to test this new bitch who wants nothing more than to serve me in one of the most degrading ways: to be my toilet. I wear a red latex-like dress that highlights all my shapes and red décolleté with studs. Im so sensual and so dominant, and the transvestite (who is in everyday life and not just here with me) is ecstatic. I order him to kiss my feet in greeting, then to follow me on all fours pulled by the leash. I sit on the throne and he continues to caress me and kiss my feet. After this initial phase of greeting and evaluating his desire to serve me, I allow him to smell my panties and adore my butt. Soon he will be my toilet, so it is right that he starts to gain more confidence… But not without being punished for such a privilege! I spank him with the paddle and bare hands and his butt gets all red. Now my urge to piss is urgent, I make him lie down and fill a glass. I put it on his cheek to make him feel how hot it is… His cock is in erection. I provoke him even more by placing my breasts on his face. It is the first time that he serves a Mistress and that he acts as a toilet and I like his reactions. I then position myself in correspondence of his mouth and begin to fill it with my nectar. You can see the jet well and the piss trickling down the side of his face. It is abundant. Then it will be time for the next step…

Lady Scarlet - Transvestite wc (MOBILE)

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