Lola – Trains Useless Husband to Become Human Toilet (Double Feature)

1080 HD Double Feature I married this husband because at the time he had a good job. He was making a lot of money. I like money because it gives me the two things I want the most: power and pleasure. At the time, I thought I would be able to use him to gain both more power and pleasure for myself. But within a few years, heÂ’s grown fat; middle-aged. Divorce him, you may think. Why would I do that? HeÂ’s mine. I havenÂ’t yet used up all his utility. He did lose the good job he once had, so IÂ’ve given up on extracting money. The other pleasures of marriage? HeÂ’s terrible in bed. I let him try once, in the beginning. It didnÂ’t take me long to figure out that I never want to fuck him. HeÂ’s in chastity 24/7 now. Conversation, at least? No. IÂ’ll admit that IÂ’m much smarter than he is, and even though I am more than a decade younger than him, I have already eclipsed him in my career. IÂ’m mostly consumed with my work, which I deem to be very important. I am generally uninterested in conversations that do not pertain to my field. My husband is too stupid to understand my work, and frankly, I grew tired of always talking over his head. So, I donÂ’t talk to him because he is uninteresting. IÂ’m still relatively young, and for a while, I felt burdened with an older, useless, husband. But then I realized, there is one remaining way in which my husband can give me the pleasure I canÂ’t help but seek. He can suffer for me. Observing physical suffering is good for me, but what I really crave is the psychological suffering of others. And IÂ’ve come to particularly crave the psychological suffering of my husband because I hate him so much. Here are two examples of typical days at home for us. Lately, IÂ’ve been training myself to stand to pee. I like standing to pee because it makes me feel powerful. I also like the irony that my husband considers himself a man, yet he is in chastity, and therefore he is the one that has to sit to pee. I stand to pee, and I do it directly into my husbandÂ’s mouth. This really helps to rein****** the power dynamic of our relationship. The first clip displays the use of my husband as my urinal. In the second clip, I fed my husband a Viagra, then left him in bondage upstairs while I went downstairs to host a work party for my colleagues. I had two white******s while talking with my colleague, Yvonne, before heading back upstairs to use my husband as a toilet. He was still hard! I toyed with his erection for a little bit after he gave me a full flush. I always want him to remember that it feels terrible to be my husband, but it feels very good to be my toilet. I stroked him, but I did not let him climax! I want to start training him on solids, and IÂ’ve told him that he will have no orgasms at all until he can fully consume number two. IÂ’m true to my word and will not do more than edge him until he has met this goal. I get sick of his company pretty quickly, so I left him high and dry and headed back downstairs to talk more with my colleagues. I was particularly interested in hearing more about SergioÂ’s research. I promised my husband I will be back to see him after my third glass of******. (11:05 long)

Lola - Trains Useless Husband to Become Human Toilet (Double Feature)

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