Plumber and Lola – Dont Fall Asleep

1080 HD IÂ’ve been keeping a slave in a plain, windowless, white cell. It has lost all sense of time, normalcy, and humanity. Good. I want it to be just an object. My special object. My vessel. I keep the lights on all the time. There is no day or night. There is only Me.The object has fallen asleep on the floor again. It knows I do not like this. It is not to sleep. Never to sleep. I keep a belt on a hook on the wall. Entering the room, I beat it with the belt to wake it. My anger, a righteous enragement. I do not like when it sleeps. Sleep is both escape and vestigial humanness. I do not like its escape. I do not want it to behave as human.So, I beat it.The object stirs. I increase the light. The object shields its face and tries to move from me. I approach, and it is cornered. I tell the object to open. Open and receive me. It responds. It winces. I can feel it judging me, but no mere vessel has the right to judge a God.For this infraction, I beat it more. Harder. Then leave.Later I return to find it has fallen asleep again. Enraged, the scene plays out the second time much as it did the first. This time, I hold its face down in a puddle, of my creation, and continue the strict lashing. So much crying out! But objects are silent. I tell Mine to quiet. It quiets with its face down in my water. So much mingling of our fluid bodies. ItÂ’s a world.I leave it alone in My world, face down. I know it fears My absence and My return. (6:39 long)Clip Contains: Lola, Madam Director, Female Domination, Corporal Punishment, Toilet Slavery, Pee

Plumber and Lola - Dont Fall Asleep

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