Lady Scarlet – Magic potion

My friend Mistress Gaia and I dress today in the role of two particular witches: the potion we prepare for our guinea pig comes directly from our interior… We have two really full bladders and we cant wait to fill this slave with ours piss. He is lying naked on the floor, the mere thought of enjoying our nectar already visibly excites him, but we start slowly by making him try our spit to begin with. Then off the panties and I immediately position myself on his face to empty myself directly in his mouth. Meanwhile Gaia fills a container with at least half a liter! I stand up and leave room for Gaia who begins to empty the container into his mouth, the slave begins to slow down his: we are filling him and his belly is swollen even if he justifies himself by saying that he wants to taste the sweet nectar… In the end he finishes it all, we step on his swollen belly a bit with our heels and make him finish on all fours and lick the leftovers off the floor.

Lady Scarlet - Magic potion

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